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Host a Forum

Requirements and Commitments to Host a Forum

The following document describes in general terms the facilities required and the services provided or coordinated by the host campus at previous Forums. The list is intended to be illustrative and will inevitably vary depending upon the location of the campus and the nature and extent of its facilities. Please note that past Forums have been hosted successfully by campuses as small as Mills College and as large and complex as the University of California, Los Angeles.

Physical Facilities

  • Reservations for all facilities should be made as early as possible.  Select facilities will be released back to the campus as event logistics are finalized.  Consider alternate plans should it rain on the day of the Forum.
  • Plenary session: The Forum aims to accommodate 1200 students.  There must be a facility or outdoor space large enough to accommodate the opening plenary session, which is attended by all students at the Forum.  Successful variations include a live video feed to a second room and use of a large outdoor tent in poor weather.
  • Workshops: Plan for 10 classrooms with capacities ranging from 60 to 400 for workshops, panels, and presentations throughout the rest of the day.  Historical workshop attendance will be provided to assist with room assignments.  The program subcommittee will provide audio/visual needs and other special equipment requests.
  • Recruiter Fair: Expect to host 200 tables.  Consider location and cost when assessing indoor and outdoor options.  Outdoors, tables will be placed under umbrellas, tents, or canopies.  It is essential that the fire marshal approve all plans no less than 2 months prior to the event.  The planning committee will coordinate recruiter placement within the approved layout.
  • Parking: Forum participants (student participants, recruiters, volunteers, workshop presenters, and Forum staff) will arrive by car and bus.  Check-in/registration locations and walking distance should be considered alongside parking options.  It is not uncommon to assign different parking lots/structures for ease of access.  For chartered buses, assign a bus drop-off and pick-up locations, as well as where the buses will park during the day.  If parking fees cannot be waived, the Forum will assume costs for recruiters, volunteers, workshop presenters, and Forum staff (not individual students).

Services Provided by the Host Campus

  • On-Campus Planning Team: The host campus will need to assemble a core planning team of 5-10 individuals to help with the many and varied campus logistics.  Consider involving all aspects of the campus, including campus safety, facilities, undergraduate research programs, student affairs, graduate admissions, etc.  A conference or event planner based on campus would be a valuable member to this team, but not necessary.
  • Planning Meetings: Host two onsite planning meetings, ideally at the start of the planning cycle (transition meeting following the previous regional Forum) and a month before the Forum.  Walkthroughs are essential to make sure that all potential logistical issues are addressed.  
  • Shipping and Storage: Provide an address for Forum materials to be sent prior to the event.  Be prepared for up to 75 boxes of varying sizes and weights.  Expect to receive up to a dozen boxes several months before the Forum, and several dozen more in the month leading up to the event.  Additionally, recruiters will use the provided address (possibly different from the initial address) to send recruitment materials in advance.  Boxes should be clearly labeled to help with distributing appropriate materials to Forum staff and to recruiter tables.
  • Signs and Printing: The Forum has some banners, directional signs, and other reusable signs to be used throughout the day of the event.  However, due to the unique layout of each campus, it is expected that additional signs should be created to supplement the existing inventory.  Examples include, but are not limited to parking, check-in, lunch, directional arrows, workshops, recruiter fair, chartered bus drop off and pick up, restrooms, and water filling stations.
  • Volunteers: Securing staff and student volunteers are critical to a successful Forum.  Aim to recruit no less than 50 volunteers.  Their tasks will include: 
    • Set-up and clean-up
    • Assisting with checking in students, recruiters, and workshop presenters
    • Assisting with student lunch distribution
    • Assisting with recruiter materials distribution
    • Staffing information tables and directional assistance
    • Monitoring workshop rooms for attendance and presenter needs, such as providing bottled water, distributing handouts, or providing basic audio/visual support
  • Accommodating Special Needs: With advanced notice, arrangements will need to be made for student participants with special needs.  Accommodations typically include ASL interpreters and captionists.  Dietary restrictions will be accommodated by providing a small set of vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and dairy free lunch options.
  • Optional Services
    • Renting golf carts 
    • Renting two-way radios

Financial Commitments

  • Bags are provided to all participants of the Diversity Forum.  The host campus commits to paying 25% of the production cost, which includes the campus logo on half of one side of the bag.  The remaining half will showcase the Diversity Forum Logo and the other side of the bag is reserved for the CSU Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program who pays the remaining 50%.
  • There are many expenses associated with hosting the Diversity Forum.  Certain expenses can be charged directly to the Forum, however other on-campus expenses will initially be paid by the campus.  After the conclusion of the event, an all-inclusive invoice will be provided to the Forum.  Examples of expenses to be included on the invoice include the following:
    • Planning meetings (parking and lunch)
    • Facility rentals
    • Tables, tents, umbrellas, and other costs associated with the recruiter fair
    • Meals for students, recruiters, volunteers, workshop presenters, and Forum Staff
    • Special accommodations
    • Supplies, printing, and other miscellaneous expenses
  • After the final invoice is submitted and reviewed by the Diversity Forum, the CSU Office of the Chancellor will begin the reimbursement process.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for payment to be processed and mailed.


Registration for the California Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education will open in Summer 2024 for recruiters and Fall 2024 for students. Complete this form be contacted when registration opens.